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Automation & Controls

Process Automation and Control Panel Manufacturing

We design and fabricate custom control panels at our facility in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Our control panel services range from small-scale panel projects to large and complex systems for industrial plants and maritime applications. 

Erico designs, fabricates, assembles, and tests complete industrial controls ranging from control stations and multi-panel systems to complete self-contained packaged control rooms. 

Our Work

Our work covers a broad range of applications and can be seen in operation around the world. From self-contained control rooms on Navy ships to multi-panel systems in lumber production facilities, Erico gets the job done. Period. 

Military Applications

We design, fabricate, install, and test control panel systems for a wide range of military applications. We specialize in building, inspecting, and troubleshooting the machines and equipment on multiple types of ships.

  • Upgrade Existing Control Systems
  • Control Panel Maintenance and Repair
  • High-Speed Garage Door Control Panels
  • Controls Troubleshooting for Ship Chiller Systems
  • Winch Control Mechanism Fabrication

Process Automation

For industrial plant systems and other applications, we design, program, and build control panels to automate various processes. Our work results in production increase and overall efficiency increases. Motor Control Panels, Remote Terminal Units, PLC Cabinets, and everything in between. Designing process control panels is a skill that comes naturally to us. We’ve designed and fabricated control panels for clients in many different industries.

  • PLC Control Cabinet Design and Fabrication
  • PLC Programming
  • Automation Systems for Manufacturing
  • Sawmill Production Facility Automation

Industrial Retrofitting

Erico can add new software and/or hardware to existing systems to increase its capabilities. Erico Electric is an industrial electrical contractor with extensive experience in new installations, maintenance, and retrofitting of industrial production equipment. Erico can provide your company with custom solutions for all of your electrical needs.

  • Retrofit Existing Electrical Control Systems
  • Upgrade Control Panels and Automation Equipment
  • Add New Capabilities to Existing Industrial Equipment